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American Encaustic

Arts and Crafts Tile of a King by AETCO Los Angeles

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Here is a nice Arts and Crafts tile of a king. Executed in a storybook style at first glance the design appears to be done with a stencil. But upon closer inspection you can see the fine black lines hand painted in the cuerda seca method. Made from a thick faience clay the back is unmarked, but the clay color and texture suggests this was made by the American Encaustic Tile Company in Los Angeles. The tile measures 6" square and 5/8" thick. Excellent original condition except for a small flake on the bottom left corner.

Cuerda seca (Spanish for "dry cord") is a technique used when applying colored glazes to ceramic surfaces.

When different colored glazes are applied to a ceramic surface, the glazes have a tendency to run together during the firing process. In the cuerda seca technique, the water-soluble glazes are separated on the surface by thin lines of a greasy substance to prevent them running out of their delineated areas. A dark pigment such as manganese carbonate is usually mixed with the grease to produce a dark line around each colored area.

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