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Sherwin Cotton

Pair of English Mythological Tiles Poseidon and Apollo Sherwin Cotton c.1900

$ 350.00
A pair of tiles by Sherwin Cotton c. 1900 in the Emaux Ombrants style. The 6 inch tiles depict the Greek mythological characters of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, and Apollo the God of Music playing his lyre. In Roman mythology Poseiden would be known as Neptune. They're in a pretty blue glaze. Uncommon to have a pair that hasn't been separated over time. The condition is good with minimal surface wear and some edge flakes. Classical design for a nautical theme.

Emaux Ombrants is the art or process of flooding transparent colored glaze over a stamped or intaglio molded design to a level with the surface. The different thicknesses of glaze produce the lights and shades of the picture. Unlike relief molded tiles the surface of the finished tile is flat. George Cartlidge of Sherwin Cotton was a master of this technique, his designs often mistaken by the uninitiated for photographic tiles.

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